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Ian Young.jpg

Ian Young
MC, Host, Comedian, Cyl Wheel, Aerial Act


Thami Nkadimeng
MC, Moderator, Facilitator, Message Architect, Keynote Speaker

Aya Chebbi.jpg

Aya Chebbi
Keynote Speaker, MC, Tunisian diplomat, Pan-African Feminist Activist

Conrad Koch.jpg

Conrad Koch
Comedian, Ventriloquist, MC, Keynote Speaker, Moderator, Anthropologist, Author, TV Presenter

Tania Habimana

Tania Habimana
MC, Keynote Speaker, Facilitator, Entrepreneur, Lecturer, TV Presenter

BRent Lindeque .jpg

Brent Lindeque 
Keynote Speaker, MC, Radio Presenter

Photo Resizer 2021_04_09_08_00_51.jpg

Deshun Deysel
Keynote Speaker, MC, Mountaineer, Facilitator, Performance Management Trainer, CEO


Cyrus Rogers
Keynote Speaker, MC, Sports Journalist, Voiceover Artist, Author, Podcast Host

Photo Resizer 2021_03_18_02_39_35.jpg

Samke S Mhlongo
MC, Keynote Speaker, Financial Wellness, Author

Andy Klee_edited.jpg

Andy Klee
MC, Musician

Buhle Dlamini.jpg

Buhle Dlamini 
Keynote Speaker, MC, Leadership Strategy and Team Development Coach


Al Prodgers
Keynote Speaker, Coach, MC, Comedian

Nik Rabinowitz

Nik Rabinowitz
Comedian, MC, Radio Host, Actor, Author

Nastassia Arendse

Nastassia Arendse
MC, Moderator, Facilitator, Business Anchor, Radio Host, Financial Journalist

Billy Selekane

Billy Selekane
Keynote Speaker, MC, Moderator, Facilitator, Leadership, Business Coach

Leanne Manas

Leanne Manas
Keynote Speaker, MC, Moderator, Journalist, TV Presenter, Trainer


Ndumiso Hadebe
Keynote Speaker, MC, Economist

Douglas Kruger
Keynote Speaker, Business Author, Facilitator, MC

Photo Resizer 2021_05_05_03_37_24.jpg
Photo Resizer 2021_04_09_07_07_41.jpg

Nonhle Thema 
Keynote Speaker, MC, Talent Coach, Actress, TV Presenter, Producer 


Bronwyn Nielson
Keynote Speaker, MC, Moderator, Facilitator, Radio Host, TV Presenter

Claudine Ullman .jpg

Claudine Ullman
MC, Keynote Speaker, Moderator, Podcaster, Radio Host, TV Presenter, Comedian, Teamwork Coach


Ashraf Garda
MC, Keynote Speaker, Moderator, Podcaster, Journalist, Radio Host, TV Presenter

Vumile Msweli2.jpg

Vumile Msweli
CEO, Keynote Speaker, MC, Facilitator, Coach

Prof Brian.jpg

Prof. Brian Armstrong
Keynote Speaker, Lecturer, MC, Independent Non Executive Director, Professor in the Chair of Digital Business at Wits

Photo Resizer 2021_03_05_04_18_55.jpg

Larry Soffer 
Magician, illusionist, Mentalist, Keynote Speaker, MC


Nozipho Tshabalala
Keynote Speaker, MC, Moderator, Facilitator, CEO, Strategist, Journalist

Debora Patta.jpg

Debora Patta
Keynote Speaker, MC, Moderator, Facilitator, Journalist, TV Presenter, Radio Host 

Photo Resizer 2021_03_05_01_33_33.jpg

Mushambi Mutuma
CEO, Keynote Speaker, MC, Facilitator, Author

Rob van Vuuren.jpg

Rob van Vuuren
Comedian, MC, Actor, Producer, Playwright, Author

Sne Dladla.jpg

Sne Dladla
MC, Actor, Impressionist, Musician, Composer, Comedian

Fifi Peters.jpg

Fifi Peters
Keynote Speaker, MC, Moderator, Facilitator, Journalist, TV Presenter

Photo Resizer 2021_04_09_05_54_26.jpg

Dr. Dean Allen
Keynote Speaker, Lecturer, Historian, MC, Author

Peter Ndoro

Peter Ndoro
MC, Moderator, Panel Facilitator, Radio Host, TV Personality, News Anchor

Ryan Hogarth
Keynote Speaker, Futurist, MC, Facilitator, Moderator, Podcast Host, Marriage Officer, Author

Ryan Hogarth _edited.jpg
Pabi Moloi.jpg

Pabi Moloi
Keynote Speaker, MC, Moderator, Facilitator, Radio Host, TV Presenter

John Vlismas.jpg

John Vlismas
Keynote Speaker, MC, Business Coach

Brendon Peel

Brendon Peel
Mentalist, illusionist, Magician, MC, Host


Mummy Mthembu-Fawkes
Keynote Speaker, MC, Moderator, Facilitator, Trainer, Founder of Earthy SA Business, Digital and Business Development Strategist

Wolfgang Riebe

Wolfgang Riebe
Magician, Keynote Speaker, MC, Author

Angel Campey

Angel Campey
Comedian, MC, Radio Host, Moderator, Facilitator, Social Media Strategist, TV Writer

Kate Moodley

Kate Moodley
MC, Moderator, Facilitator, Keynote Speaker, Author

Chriselda Lewis

Chriselda Lewis
MC, Moderator, News Anchor, Senior Broadcast Journalist

Enkromelle Andrew

Enkromelle Andrew
Keynote Speaker, MC, Facilitator, Coach, Host

Duduzile Mkhwanazi

Duduzile Mkhwanazi
MC, Host, Keynote Speaker, CEO

Shahan Ramkissoon

Shahan Ramkissoon
MC, Senior News Anchor, Chief Strategy Officer, Journalist

Phindi Gule

Phindi Gule
MC, Moderator, Keynote Speaker, Radio Host, Analyst Programmer, Sales Executive

Graeme Codrington

Graeme Codrington
Keynote Speaker, Futurist, MC, Facilitator, Strategy Consultant, Author

Alishia Seckam (Naidoo)

Alishia Seckam (Naidoo)
MC, Moderator, Senior News Anchor, Media Trainer, Senior Broadcaster, Financial Journalist

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