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Who Is Ryan Hogarth

Ryan knows how to drive conference content, from delivering outstanding keynotes to running a tight programme to schedule and bringing out the best from people in on stage interviews and panel discussions. He is an energetic speaker who is adaptable to the unexpected changes that occur in programs quite comfortably.

As demand for professional, open minded and personable Marriage Officers has increased, Ryan has sought out people who embrace this ethos and desire to create ceremonies that are unique and personal.

Ryan is a professional speaker and a secular marriage officer.  He has been involved in over 1100 weddings and is deeply familiar with the wedding process and what makes proceedings run exceptionally well. Having Ryan manage multiple parts of the conference content day has proved a powerful tool in delivering a consistent conference message while keeping audiences interested and engaged throughout the day.

Keynote Topics:

The New Normal

Decoding Digital: Bridging People & Technology

We’re not Robots

Masterclass Topics:

Fear, Friction, Future

Cycle of Denial

Challenging Assumptions

Digital Branding


2018 - Current

Marriage Officer

2010 - Current

Professional Conference Speaker: Bridging people and technology


How to Win Influence and Friend People

How to Win Influence and Friend People

Social media, mobile internet, and global personal communications have changed the face of business forever. Industry has surrendered control of the agenda to the public, their consumers and customers. Your only option is to keep up. Get it right, and the opportunities are limitless. Get it wrong, and you will be publicly punished, your corporate voice lost in the chatter.

Social Business guru Ryan Hogarth dissects the startling advances in social media connectivity, charting the lessons of despots and dictators who ignored the shifting power base until it was too powerful to contain. Likewise the business world is wrestling with the consumer push-back, in an era where every press release and advertising message is deconstructed, shared, and commented by hundreds and thousands of well-informed, tech-savvy consumers. 

Generation X executives and managers are running most of the world’s big companies, but are being rapidly caught by new, rapid growth mega-corporations, owned and staffed by Millenials; those born in the 80’s and 90’s. 


“Ryan is a passionate presenter and excellent facilitator who keeps your delegates focused and engaged.”  

- Compuscan -

“If a corporation is seeking a presenter who will thoroughly research their brief—they should look no further.” 

- Mice Academy -

“Ryan Hogarth is an absolute pro at what he does. His knowledge for the subject matter came across effortlessly and he kept the energy up throughout the MTN Business IoT Conference. I would recommend Ryan for any big tech event and we look forward to working with him again.” 

- Creative Space Media -

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