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Ndumiso Hadebe

Ndumiso Hadebe






Who Is Ndumiso Hadebe

As a poster child of this continent’s future, young, educated, urban and dynamic Ndumiso is intricately linked to the underlying shifts taking place in the world. His interests in strategy, development, the policy environment for growth and the requisite requirements for leadership combined, with his experience in academia, business, youth and policy gives Ndumiso the empirical and theoretical edge over other speakers in his field. More so in that Ndumiso engages in high growth sectors currently constrained in a lackluster economic climate.


Ndumiso is an Economic Strategist and Director of a boutique investment holdings firm that has assets in the manufacturing, mining, construction and advisory sectors. 

Having already spoken in 4 of the 7 continents in the world, Ndumiso takes audiences through an empowering and riveting experience. His ability to tell stories enables him to empower audiences with specialized insights that enable them to use as practical tools on a day-to-day basis. Be it a keynote, facilitating conversations or a workshop Ndumiso always ensure that audiences are in a better place to attain leap-frog results.

In a time where leading, starting or managing an organisation in an environment that is changing and evolving at a pace faster than we have ever seen in human history, and the pertinence of consistently being ahead of the curve could not be more important than at this present moment. His presentations provides any individual with the intent to take charge of the future with the requisite tools of analysis, cultural considerations and the implications on policy in the work that they do and endeavors.

Ndumiso has provided strategic insights in the capital raising of R10 billion for a state-owned company to developing a market-entry strategy for a technology start-up that was awarded runner-up in a tech competition in Silicon Valley. Serving as economic advisor to policy makers and has extensive experience in global macroeconomic research as well as industry analysis to enhance the decision making outcomes of business leaders and governments. Business School Faculty, Institutional Senate, Managing Director and Economic and Management Sciences Faculty Board Member, Ndumiso is at the forefront of leading discussions in global business.

Keynote cover the following aspects:

The link between disruption and leadership

What the drivers of this disruption are

Building the expertise to be ahead of the curve

Crafting all forms of agility, resilience and innovation


2020 - Current

2018 - Current

2021 - Current

2021 - Current

2018 - 2021

2016 - 2018

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2014 - 2015

2011 - 2012

2011 - 2012

Chief Executive Officer at KH Research Equity Partners

Associate Partner at Pax Advisory

Associate Faculty at The Da Vinci Institute

Chairperson Finance at Audit & Risk (FAR) Committee

Resident Economist at KayaFM 95.9

Visiting Faculty Member at GIBS Business School (Gordon Institute of Business Science)

Economist at Nascence Advisory & Research

Analyst at Shanduka Group

Board Member: Economic and Management Sciences Faculty Board at North West University

Member of Institutional Senate

Accolades and Achievements

“You embody the spirit of SA’s youth and set a powerful example for other young people.” 

- The Presidency RSA -

“Thank you for gracing our strategic planning session, your insights have elevated how we think about our operations.” 

- MTN SA -

“We truly appreciate your expertise and rely on them to make sense of a difficult economic environment – thank you addressing our budget review.”


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