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Brendon Peel

Brendon Peel





Who Is Brendon Peel

Brendon Peel is an extremely versatile and dynamic corporate entertainer who pushes the limit when it comes to reality by creating moments of true magic. His blend of mentalism, magic, and humour is unique and has gained him much respect from his audiences as well as his peers in the industry.

At any event he performs at, Brendon’s main aim is to create the most entertaining experience possible. All witnesses to his magic will be mind-blown, bewildered, and left with a belly full of laughs. All of his performances come with a satisfaction guarantee!

Brendon has appeared on national television, radio, and in news publications across the country. He has also consulted on various TV adverts as well as starred in both national and international TV performances. Beyond all this, Brendon Peel prides himself on his award-winning stage magic and illusion performances that is genuinely an epic experience to witness.

Brendon Peel is a proud member of the South African Magical Society (affiliated with the Magic Circle in London), the Cape Town Magic Club (affiliated with the Monday Night Magic groups in London and New York), and a core member and content contributor to Magic Africa.

Recently he represented South Africa on the international stage at the prestigious Edinburgh Festival in Scotland which turned out to be a great success, paving the way to make a good name for himself on the international performers’ circuit. In the same year he was nominated for the ‘Fresh Creative’ Award at the Cape Town Festival and went on to WIN the South African Theatre Magazine’s ‘performer of the year award’. Since then he continues to be dedicated to his craft and is growing his achievements more and more.

This taste of success would be the first in a long line of achievements. Since that point he has performed for over 100 different companies, consulted for TV adverts, taken his magic internationally, performed on national TV and radio, and created multiple new stage shows each more impressive than the last! From humble beginnings Brendon Peel grew his craft to a point where over the past 10 years he has taken his magic to over 20 different countries, not to mention the fact that he has performed across the length and breadth of his home country South Africa. Brendon Peel’s love and passion for his craft grows more and more with every person that he spreads his magic to.

Awards and Accolades

Nominated for the ‘Fresh Creative’ Award at the Cape Town Festival

Awarded the South African Theatre Magazine’s performer of the year award

"Brendon is one of the most amazing performers I have ever seen, not just a magician, but as an entertainer. I know that one day he will become world famous, I just hope he remembers me when he does."

- Ethan Black, Radio Personality -

“Brendon is a fantastic and engaging performer. His unique approach to magic is refreshing and I always enjoy the opportunity to watch him perform. A star has been born!"

- Elliot Bibby, President of the Scottish Association of Magical Societies -

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