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Graeme Codrington

Graeme Codrington







Who Is Graeme Codrington

Graeme is an internationally recognized futurist, specializing in the future of work. He helps organizations understand the forces that will shape our lives in the next ten years, and how we can respond in order to confidently stay ahead of change. For the past two decades Graeme has worked with some of the world’s most recognized brands, travelling to over 80 countries in total,  and speaking to around 100,000 people every year. He is the author of 5 best-selling books, and on faculty at 5 top global business schools.

An understanding of the key macro drivers of change enabling them to be more strategic, more innovative and more agile. Significant improvements in areas of strategy development and implementation; leadership effectiveness, team dynamics and the application of technology to innovation. A clear understanding of how to successfully prepare their organisations and people for the future.

Graeme’s delivery style is conversational, gently laced with humour and liberally sprinkled with multimedia and inspiring  s tories that make the messages stick. He works hard with clients to find ways to ensure value is taken back to the  office and that his messages make a real impact on business outcomes. 

Keynote Topics:

Future Trends & Disruptive Change

Leading in a Changing World

Leading Difference Differently

The Future of … (customised for different industries and audiences)


2019 – Current

2001 – Current

2004 – Current

2017 – Current

1992 – 1994

Futures Researcher and Consultant at TomorrowToday Global

Speaker and Author on the Future of Work at TomorrowToday Global

Keynote Speaker, Futurist, Author, Researcher, Consultant

Director at The Future of Work Academy at The Future of Work Academy

Articled Clerk at KPMG


Future-proof Your Child for the 2020s and Beyond: How to Parent in Disruptive Times
Leading in a Changing World
Navigating Your Career
Mind The Gap

Future-proof Your Child for the 2020s and Beyond: How to Parent in Disruptive Times

Mommy, Daddy, what should I be when I grow up?’ This is the question every child asks when they begin to develop a sense of the future, and it’s never been harder for parents to answer it than now. This century is characterised by disruptive change that is turning our world upside down. Jobs aren’t just changing, but whole industries are ceasing to exist. The scripts for success and failure are being rewritten on a daily basis in our families, at work and in life. Do parents know who and what their children need to be, let alone what they might be able to do, in the future world of work? 

Leading in a Changing World - Updated Edition: Lessons for future focused leaders

The challenge to be a ‘future-fit’ leader is as unrelenting as it is difficult. Leading in a Changing World is about the current and future challenges that leaders face. It explores the type of thinking, behaviour and habits that leaders will need in order to successfully navigate the unfolding future. This completely updated and revised edition for the 2020s adds new insights gained from the work the authors have done with many leaders since they first published this book. It’s more practical, picks up key issues that leaders are dealing with, and even more clearly shows the path leaders need to follow to be successful in these turbulent times. 

Navigating Your Career

The world of work has never been as difficult or complicated as it is right now - and yet there have never been as many opportunities. If you know what you're looking for, and sure of how to position yourself in a competitive job market, there are ways for you to find your dream job - and not only for the short term: you can actually spend every day of your life doing something that you love and which contributes to the world. It all starts with a radical mindset shift: treat your career as a journey to be navigated and then follow Graeme Codrington and Kerry Dawkins' five steps for lifelong job satisfaction. This is not a quick-fix solution; it will require hard work and focus to become a successful career navigator. You can start your journey down a fulfilling and rewarding career path today. Don't delay. Start now.

Mind the Gap: Own Your Past, Know Your Generation, Choose Your Future

This book aims to promote understanding between the generations. This is vitally important in our most defining relationships - those between parents and children. We are so influenced by our parents that understanding them will help us to understand why we are influenced by them - and, therefore, help us to understand ourselves better. This can be extended to all other relationships - with bosses, teachers, grandparents and so on. Once you understand their 'generational' behaviour, you'll have a clearer picture of why they are like they are. So, chuck the tranquillisers and read this book. Life will never be the same again!

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