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Dr. Dean Allen

Dr. Dean Allen






Who Is Dr. Dean Allen

Dr. Dean is a popular motivational speaker and MC, known for his educational and entertaining delivery style when his is on stage.

He was brought up in the West Country of England and was the first person in his family to go to university. Since then Dr. Dean has gone on to teach at leading Universities in South Africa, Australia, Northern Ireland and the UK, having established a reputation as a popular guest lecturer and speaker, and have presented motivational talks and keynote papers around the world.

With a CV that includes invitations to the House of Commons in London, as well as Twickenham, the home of the English Rugby Union, his fascinating take on sport, culture and history has impressed audiences throughout Europe, Australia, North America and the Far East. Dean’s media work includes TV consultancy and appearances  (for BBC, ITV, SABC and KykNET) and radio (Fine Music Radio, SAfm; Classic FM, Power FM, Radio 2000 and Radio Today, South Africa and the BBC World Service, BBC Radio 2 and talkSPORT in the United Kingdom and Worldwide).

A specialist in South African affairs, Dean regularly gives talks and lectures throughout the country. In recent years, his keynote addresses have both educated and entertained a wide variety of local schools, clubs and associations. Dean is also a popular choice for MC roles and after dinner speaking. His content is always finely tuned and aligned to the audience, and his delivery energetic, engaging and motivational.

Dr. Dean attributes much of his success to the cultures and people he has been exposed to during his travels. South Africans in particular have taught him that the power of determination, when channelled correctly, is immensely powerful. Dr. Dean is greatly influenced by one of the greatest statesmen of our time, Nelson Mandela, a true leader who also saw the value of sport in uniting people and healing the past. It is a story that he feels we all can learn from. 

His award-nominated book Empire, War and Cricket is published by Penguin Random House and has sold over 10,000 copies alone here in South Africa

Keynote Topics:

Sport and Empowerment

The Business of Sport

Teamwork or Synergy

Sport in Business

Sports history in South Africa

How world history has been shaped by sport

Sport and Empires

Sport and empowerment – what disadvantaged communities can teach us

Then and now 


2021 - Current

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2015 - 2019

2010 - 2021

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1999 - 2001

Associate Lecturer and Researcher at the University of Johannesburg

Research Associate at Bournemouth University

Senior Lecturer at the Research Associate of the Sport and Physical Activity Research Centre (SPARC)

Senior Research Associate, Programme Leader - Sports Development & Coaching at University of Stellenbosch

Lecturer in Sports Management at Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University

Lecturer at Deakin University

Lecturer at University of Ulster

Part-time Lecturer and PhD Candidate at Brunel University

Visiting Lecturer at University College - Northampton

Part-time Lecturer at University College - Winchester

Sports Tutor and Sports Development Officer at University of Stellenbosch


Empire, War and Cricket is published by Penguin Random House
This Day In History
Frontier Land

Empire, War and Cricket

In Empire, War & Cricket in South Africa, readers will learn how one of the first international cricket matches between South Africa and England took place at Matjiesfontein; explore the controversial 1901 South African cricket tour to England in the midst of the Anglo-Boer War; read the amazing story of how Logan once had the captain and manager of England’s cricket team arrested as they boarded their ship home; and discover Logan’s close relationship with Rhodes and how their ‘shady dealings’ brought down the premier’s first government.

Illustrated throughout with rare photographs and documents, Empire, War & Cricket in South Africa is a unique social and political history of the workings of the British Empire in South Africa during the late nineteenth century; a well-researched and fascinating biography of the man who gave us Matjiesfontein; and an entertaining and at times unbelievable story of cricket’s origins in South Africa.

This Day In History

This Day In History is a fascinating look at those stories that have shaped our lives as well as those we have perhaps forgotten. Covering a different story throughout history, one for each day of the year, this is a book you won’t be able to put down

Frontier Land

Frontier Land explores one of South Africa’s most captivating regions. The Eastern Cape is a land of rich history and fascinating people. This illustrated book will take you on a journey to forgotten towns and tell the stories of the people and places at the heart of this wonderfully diverse province

Achievements and Accolades

2000 The Gwyn Williams Award for Best All-Round Sports Studies Student

2002 Reinhard Sprenger Award for Outstanding Young Scholar in Sports History

2013 John H. Daniels Research Fellowship

2013 Researcher of the Year Award


“I just have to write and compliment you on organising the lecture today by Dr. Dean Allen. It was compelling listening and viewing and he made the subject so interesting. I’m not a football or even a sporting fan but the whole subject was so interesting. Quite one of the best lectures I’ve ever attended and so well structured and clear to understand.” 

- Bath Rotary Club -

“Dear Dean, I wish to thank you for the amazing story about Matjiesfontein and the entertaining presentation. I clung to your lips as I last did with the legendary David Rattray at Isandhlwana. I shall certainly ‘tune in’ to all your upcoming lectures. A fan for life.” 

- Ron White -

“It was a real pleasure having Dean Allen speak our recent Business Travel industry event. I loved how he took our brief and tailored his talk to suit the theme, speaking to the local tourism industry from an international perspective. His presentation was to the point and he managed to get quite a few laughs from the room! We look forward to using Dean’s skills and insights at our future events” 

- Carla Silverman, Regional Sales Executive, Gearhouse SA Ltd -

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