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Our vision is a world where we provide our clients with nothing but the best experience from the beginning to the end, with keen guidance and willingness to go the extra mile, and easy-to-follow methods, clear and secure payment structure, and reliability when it comes to making sure the message is fulfilled and well-received, making it a memorable event and/or conference. 


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Megan Steenkamp Founder and Director of Operations


Founder and Director of Operations  

As the Director of Operations and Founder of Level Up Management Agency, with a Diploma and Cum laude award for Project Management and a high understanding of service and delivery, and as an entrepreneur with customer-centricity, I believe that Level Up Management Agency influences by creating an interactive and memorable experience with some of the world’s best Professional Speakers and Business Thought Leaders for all organisations.

Before opening the Management Agency, I went from a predominately female industry to a predominately male industry and set a standard that is what I live by and that is; do what others are to scared to and do it well.


So I did in the middle of a pandemic I started this company from the ground up and with nothing, and now I will continue to encourage others to believe they can do whatever they set their minds to.

Level Up Management Agency ensures to play a positive role in the community, by supporting a wide range of projects with clients and speakers, in trying to give back where possible. You can too do your part and give back.                         

The Causes we support:


Children With Nature's Mission is to Influence the youth to actively protect the environment. Whilst fully aligned to the Global Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 13 Climate Action, SDG 14 Life Below Water, SDG 15 Life on Land, Africa Union's Agenda 2063 and Kenya Vision 2030.

Your donation will plant more trees to make our environment greener.

The Orphanages we support:

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