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Buhle Dlamini

Buhle Dlamini





Who Is Buhle Dlamini

Buhle is a sought-after international speaker from South Africa now based in Canada. He is an award-winning entrepreneur and author of 6 books, with over 18 years of global speaking and consulting. Helping clients understand future trends shaping the world of work, leverage the benefits of diversity with cultural intelligence and show leaders and teams how to create productive and effective organizational cultures. He is a member of Tomorrow Today Global Group.

He met and worked with leaders such as former SA president Nelson Mandela and received an award from Archbishop Desmond Tutu for Nation Building. He holds a certificate in Fundamentals of Strategy from Harvard University and is a fellow with the Cultural Intelligence Centre in Michigan. He serves as faculty for many executive leadership programs at Cornell University and Duke Corporate Education.

Buhle is a faculty member for UN’s Global Executive Leadership Initiative- GELI, which is exclusively for leaders from UN Agencies, NGOs, The Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. His focus area is in Contextual Intelligence with Cultural Intelligence helping executive leaders be more effective around the globe. Based in Nova Scotia, Canada where he lives with his family as well as Johannesburg, South Africa.

Founder & President of the Canadian-based Mindgro Consulting (2014) helping organisations create a winning culture. Chairman & Founder of Young and Able Pty(Ltd) founded in 2003, a business development consultancy, and co-founder of ForGood in South Africa. Faculty member of the Duke Corporate Education Global Learning Resource Network. Founding Member of TV Films initiative -Heartlines in SA for which he met Nelson Mandela in 2006 and received an award from Desmond Tutu in 2008.

Strategic input often employed by top blue chip companies and government departments.

Background in youth development includes serving with YFC Team 1999 in Germany, UK, and the USA and being National Director of Youth Work for The Salvation Army in SA 2000-2002.


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Future, Organisational Culture and Diversity Expert at TomorrowToday Global

Consultant at TomorrowToday Consulting Permanent Part-time

Associate Facilitator at Cultural Intelligence Center

President at MindGro Consulting

Entrepreneur Founder/Business Speaker/Strategic Consultant at Young & Able (Pty) Ltd

CEO, Business Owner and Founder at Young & Able (Pty) Ltd

Professional Speaker at (PSASA) Professional Speakers Association

Joint CEO/Director and Co-founder at forgood

Project Manager, Television at HEARTLINES, Media Production

Associate Consultant and Professional Speaker at TomorrowToday Global

Corporate Liaison at The Salvation Army

Director of Youth Work at The Salvation Army

Chemistry Student at Durban University of Technology


Motivational Bites
Invest In Yourself & Win!: Creating Success for Your Life, Career and Business ​
Unleashing Your Greatness: Five Keys to Being Extraordinary

Motivational Bites - Bite-sized motivation for your success journey (Motivational Bites Series Book 1)

Motivational Bites is a compilation of the best motivational bite sized stories and articles to keep you motivated in your life, business and career. Buhle Dlamini has spent years speaking to audiences around the world and writing motivational articles for publications. Now in this series he shared what he has learned and taught over the years.

Invest In Yourself & Win!: Creating Success for Your Life, Career and Business 

Few people invest in their lives to realize their life's fullest potential. Those who do gain incredible returns upon their investment until they don't have to work so hard any more as their investments start to pay off great dividends all on their own. This book will guide through steps you need to take to invest in your life and win.

Unleashing Your Greatness: Five Keys to Being Extraordinary

Are you ready to take your life and work to a new level of greatness? Do you need practical, step by step keys to help you tap into your personal greatness? Do you want keys to take your leadership and your organisation to greatness?

Accolades and Achievements

2011 Awarded of Future 100 Entrepreneur Platinum Award 

2012 Awarded Endeavour Entrepreneur Award


“Buhle is a gifted speaker who goes beyond conventional motivational speaking. he has the ability to connect with his audience by making them a part of his presentations. I thoroughly enjoy listening to him speak.” 

- Olefile Masangane In the streets not in the boardroom. Connecting people with possibility -

“Buhle is an exellent exceptional public speaker. He goes beyond traditional motivational talk as we know it. His uses practical examples to demonstrate how the businesses and individuals can change their future by simply 'feeling the itch of greatness'. I would certainly invite him again if an opportunity comes.” 

- Tshepo Matseba APR Managing Director: Reputation 1st Group | Top 30 Africa Communications Professionals to Follow -

“It has been a privilege to see Buhle grow from strength to strength over the last few years. Buhle has amazed me with his candour, generosity and excellence. He has worked with me on a number of projects in his capacity as a keynote speaker and he has never let us down. I would recommend him and his team highly” 

- ​Rachel Vickers Managing Director at RezCare -

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