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Ashraf Garda

Ashraf Garda









Who Is Ashraf Garda

Ashraf is a multiple award winning broadcaster -his Media Show on SAfm Radio was judged best weekend show at the MTN Radio Awards, he was judged " best news and actuality presenter " at the MTN radio Awards , and he is a recipient  of the Turquoise  Harmony Institute Media Award (Turkey).

Ashraf Garda is an accomplished and engaged Programme Director and MC and is also highly-skilled as a conference facilitator or moderator the chief driver of Champion South Africa, a nation building movement with the  vision to move South Africa from a mid-table nation to a champion nation. His vision to turn South Africa into a champion nation influences his public speaking style and makes him an ideal host for high-profile business leadership events.


He inspires excellence with his keynote talk titled “Champion People Build Champion Nations”, this is ideal for teambuilding events, year-end or kickstart events and for companies and organisations that need to be re-directed into a champion mindset. #ChampionSouthAfrica identifies and amplifies champions and makes connections to build more champions. It is a movement that embraces the champion mindset as the first significant step to a winning person and a winning country.

To complete his cycle of versatility  he was  used  as an analyst on international channels CNN ,AL Jazeera  CBC TV  Canada, RT. Ashraf Garda is a South African media Broadcaster , Motivational Speaker and Media Trainer. Presenting the radio shows "Afternoon Talk" and "Media@Safm" on SAfm and presenting the SABC Investigative journalism show.


2018 - Current

2018 - Current

2018 - Current

2010 - 2019

2011 / 2014

2000 - 2011

2008 - 2010  


1998 - 2003

Founder of Champion South Africa Movement

Head of the Ashraf Garda Network
Professional Speaker /Programme Director Facilitator/ Moderator/ Keynote Speaker
Media Trainer
Champion People Trainer
Digital and Social Media content creator
Brand spokesperson
Communications and media consultant

Host of the Champion People Podcast

Host of the Marketing Wars Podcast

Talk show host on SAfm Radio

Host of the TV show Special Assignment on SABC 3

Sports Anchor on SAfm Radio

Host of Sports Special on SABC News International

World Cup Analyst on CNN International, Al Jazeera International, CBC TV Canada Sports Analyst on Supersport TV

Sports Anchor on 5fm Radio


“I've never even met Ashraf in person - and yet I am blown away by his magnetic ability to pull people together from vast walks, all of who are powerful and passionate. I look forward to continuing to get to know him over the coming months and years. Thanks Ashraf!"

- Michael Lee -

“I can think of few individuals more selfless, dedicated, passionate and driving change through actions and not just words than Ashraf. I got to now Ashraf when he invited me a few times to his radio show on SAfm and through that started learning more and more about his work, energy and incredible talents. We can consider ourselves incredibly lucky that he is channeling that talent towards doing good and improving South Africa. Everything he does is done with so much passion, interest and attention. His incredibly broad understanding of the pieces of the puzzle means he brings out incredible perspectives and his many years interviewing, hosting etc means he has the capabilities to deliver exceptional performances, events, discussions and engagements.” 

- York Zucchi Chairperson Centre for Unconventional Entrepreneurship -

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