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Chriselda Lewis

Chriselda Lewis





Who Is Chriselda Lewis

Chriselda is a senior broadcast journalist and multi award winner TV Newswoman, as she is a prime time TV/Radio personality, who has drawn the attention of many from her lively broadcasts. She is a tough lady with rich experience after being in the media for a while. She does not discriminate, as seen when she interviewed Chantal Ninow.

She is a well-known journalist who churns out compelling stories, one after another. Her exciting stories capture the public interest. She is fond of scoop-digging the source of many crimes and revealing the dark stories to the public. It is due to her hard work and consistency that the award-winning journalist was able to lure many viewer.

Her appearance at SABC news has been beneficial to her, the viewers, and the broadcasting corporation itself. The TV reporter has turned the daily news coverage engaging, making the news shows at 7 pm a must-watch. Since the beautiful writer joined the industry, she has been on the ground to fetch news, and they have turned out successful.

Her investigative stories are compelling and unique, capturing the public’s interest. It is never easy to employ some of the tactics that she uses to confront her target. She uses hidden cameras and microphones, in addition to her skills, which allows her subjects to open up.

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