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Mushambi Mutuma

Mushambi Mutuma








Who Is Mushambi Mutuma

Mushambi Mutuma, CEO and author of Tech Adjacent stands at the forefront of Tech and Innovation in Africa. He spent the past 12 years building brands and businesses across the African continent and the United States.

Utilizing both his skills and knowledge as a speaker and entrepreneur, Mushambi has been building exponential brands of the future by sharing insights on tech locally and globally. He has served as a strategic advisor to accelerators and incubators such as AlphaCode, Standard Bank and The Innovation Hub.

His role at Accenture Interactive as technology and innovation lead and his past entrepreneurial experience emphasize African engagement in tech & digital industries, with the intent to make Africa a leading hub of innovative authority. He oversees the development and scale of eCommerce and digital product across Africa. 

A calculated risk taker with extensive tech and digital knowledge, Mushambi had led as the CEO of Altivex, a high impact, digital product lab for 10 years,  that would emphasises African engagement and solutions through tech and digital industries, with the intent to make Africa a leading hub of innovative authority. Mushambi is committed to shining the light on tech and innovation in Africa, through his content he hopes to further cultivate and advance Africa’s next generation of innovators and Tech Adjacent businesses.

Mushambi shares insights on Tech, Entrepreneurship and Innovation in order to build exponential brands and businesses of the future. As speaker and leader in entrepreneurship and business. His purpose is to transform entrepreneurs of the future through his entrepreneur development firm, Kairos. Mushambi has a background in building multiple brands and business over the past 10 years. Through his content, talks, coaching and workshop facilitation Mushambi hopes to further cultivate and advance Africa’s next generation of innovators and tech adjacent businesses.

Keynote Topics:

Grit and Grind

Tech Adjacent

Entrepreneurial Mindset


Lean Innovation Canvas®

Digital transformation strategy & implementation

Innovation consulting

Disruption mapping

Digital product discovery

Curated network expansion

Group training

1-on-1 coaching & mentorship

Custom course & curriculum creation


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Director | eCommerce Lead | Innovation & Technology at Accenture Interactive

Author and Speaker at Mushambi Mutuma

Managing Director at Black Powder

CEO and Co-Founder of Altivex

Director and Dealmaker at DreamCatchers Africa

Chief Exploration Officer at Sankoré

Chief Opportunity Creator at SmartPrac

Creator of the New and Destroyer of the Old at Kairos - The Opportune Time

Radio Talk Show Host - The Opportune Time at Jozi Maboneng Radio

Regional Programme Manager: Health and Business Development at University of California, Los Angeles

Program Coordinator at University of California, Los Angeles


Tech Adjacent

Tech Adjacent

Mushambi’s first book, Tech Adjacent is about understanding the principles of tech, it’s pace, footsteps of where it’s heading, knowing how disruption and innovation work, and most importantly leveraging it for exponential success. The book shares specific insights and case studies of African businesses, both those that are being disrupted and those that are disrupting as part of a new wave of growth.

Tech Adjacent is a must read for anyone aiming to understand where tech in Africa is heading; CEO, manager and student alike.


“Mushambi and I both spoke at the THINK FUTURE (Innovation Edge) conference. I really enjoyed his presentation and think he is one of the best speakers I’ve heard on innovation and technology. He has a great speaking style, is informative and tells great stories to make his content understandable to a diverse audience.” 

- Nicky Abdinor International Keynote Speaker, Clinical Psychologist, Founder of Nicky's Drive NPO -

“Mushambi and I were both speakers at the Think Future conference (hosted by Innovation Edge) a few weeks ago. He delivered a powerful presentation on the importance of embracing tech and innovation in our growing digital age. His presentation was educational and insightful. His delivery style and tone was engaging, and filled with humour and personality. It was a pleasure to meet and learn from Mushambi.” 

- Nwanyibuife A. Ugwoeje Project Management Specialist and Author -

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