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Thami Nkadimeng

Thami Nkadimeng






Who Is Thami Nkadimeng

Thami Nkadimeng, a MESSAGE ARCHITECT who conceptualises, creates and delivers messages to a wide range of audiences, across borders and boundaries, using a variety of tools and platforms to reach objectives set.  She is a South African thought leader across the African continent and globe.

A dynamic well known face and public figure that focuses on zestful and spirited solutions within communicating to individuals on public platforms. She has experience in front of the camera, behind the microphone and addressing an audience. Thami’s unique ability to fuse her communications background with inspiring individuals to communicate with their internal strengths comes alive in how she drives conversation. She has attained almost 2 decades of corporate experience in which the substantial part has been within communications, public affairs and events. She was announced as the inaugural brand ambassador of Women in MICE, South Africa in early 2020.

An experienced writer, who has the ability to assist and contribute to  relatable content on and off set. The work that she has done extends from global bodies and has extensive experience in tourism, arts and culture, finance, entertainment, construction and mining. Her speaking engagements delicately entwine with her life stories and experiences. Thami holds an undergraduate degree in Communications Science, a post degree diploma in Marketing Management and an Honours Degree in Integrated Organisation Communication.

Having started her career at 17 years of age, Thami climbed up the corporate ladder at a young age and found herself managing budgets of 9 digits in her 20s. Thami has been privileged to be part of the tourism industry for the bulk of her life, which is an important one, because it creates a think space for various industries to convene and have countless industry-altering conversations about the future (from construction and mining to arts and culture and finances). This has allowed her  to have insight on a variety of topics, insights, policies and influences.

Thami was announced as the inaugural brand ambassador of Women in Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions/Events (MICE), South Africa. She is a firm believer in the redefinition of gender roles and that they need to happen honestly for respect to begin to stem. A brand ambassador for Cornerstone Woman who believe everyone should be able to have unlimited counselling and legal support when experiencing Trauma. Be that from domestic violence, rape, bullying, crime, addictions or anything THAT IS TRAUMATIC. Thami’s passion is on GIRL AND WOMEN EMPOWERMENT Advancing Africa.

In this talk named “The Year of the Rat”© which is the year that was 2020, she speaks about the similarities of the rat and the qualities similar to the rat. She unpacks how the good qualities of the rat that may be used to keep going and how humans need to stay hungry for their goals and dreams. Her key take out of the talk is a quote she coined, that she unpacks in the talk “DON’T JUST GO THROUGH THE WAVES…BE HUNGRY FOR THEM”~THAMI NKADIMENG~


2019 - Current

2015 - 2017

2014 - 2015

2009 - 2013

Founder and CEO of Thami Nkadimeng Group

Accounts Director: Client brand development, communications and event strategy at The Creative Counsel

Communications and Events National Manager: Strategy, brand, content and events management at Travel With Flair

Conference Facilities and Events Manager at The Innovation Hub

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