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Wolfgang Riebe

Wolfgang Riebe





Who Is Wolfgang Riebe

Wolfgang is energetic, innovative memorable and every delegate will look forward to every time he walks on stage. but even more important is that he manages to inspire, mesmerise and entertain his audiences in a sophisticated, yet light-hearted manner interweaving non-stop tasteful humour throughout the authentic keynotes, moderation and shows he offers, all in alignment with YOUR event theme.

Every event organiser, company and delegate will suddenly realise the incredible value and profound ‘return on investment Wolfgang adds to your meeting, conference or event. Wolfgang believes that communication changes lives, and reminding delegates of their true potential through an authentic presence that reaches across all cultures, while shifting thinking radically… and has that magical touch!

Wolfgang became a speaker by accident! His life had always revolved around entertainment, with a core focus in the corporate market. Through designing tailor-made routines and effects around company themes & products, his networking skills, logical thinking and strategic skills, coupled with continued exposure to new business opportunities moved his core focus to innovative strategic thinking and inspiration.

Due to his niche and uniqueness of what he did, clients often suggested he should consider becoming an inspirational speaker. Yet Wolfgang wanted more! He didn’t just want to energize delegates by making them stand up, clap hands, feel good and three days later forget everything! He wanted to leave them with usable, achievable, sustainable and practical life skills for life! Although he has hands-on experience and much to share, for him it is more about reminding delegates of their unlimited potential through easy-to-understand authentic presentations that not only touch the very core of every person present, but also shifts thinking and creates a lasting magical change!

He has spent his entire life challenging, manipulating and beguiling cognitive functioning through keynotes, conjuring and humour. His vast global experience (over 150 countries), coupled with a logical laser focus in the corporate sector has led Wolfgang to establish a variety of offerings tailored to the business market. From strategic and inspirational speaking where he engages his audiences on an authentic level, sharing real-life experiences, academic research and magical effects that link with his messaging to enhancing and leaving practical, sustainable tools that delegates can implement immediately.

As a Moderator that can read an audience, think on his feet, has specialist knowledge of management and organisational structures, and who automatically takes charge of the entire event in a truly unique manner. Furthermore, with international EMEA events you have delegates from various cultures and countries who all have a different understanding of the English language. Hence it is imperative that the link man speak clearly and effectively so that everyone may benefit from all inserts.


Wolfgang is an international sought-after keynote speaker on logical thinking, perception and communication, and business magician. He helps your team create Memorable Magical Moments. His energy and passion on stage has led to him speaking in over 150 countries for the world's top 500 blue chip companies. His keynotes are a blend of real-life experiences backed by academic qualifications. He walks his talk and is a specialist in captivating multicultural audiences by interweaving strategic tricks to reinforce his message.

Memorable Magical Moments of wonder in a world filled with amazing illusions coupled with an incredible stage personality, have resulted in Wolfgang becoming one of the most popular and respected corporate comedy magicians in the world today. This multi-lingual enter-trainer, TV star and best-selling author not only captivates his audience with many ‘wow’ moments, but also includes unforgettable messaging so that audiences truly experience memorable magical moments.


Secrets to Success in the Corporate World
Positive Thinking 250 Motivational Quotes

Secrets to Success in the Corporate World

In today’s fast paced world all leaders and business people need a basic understanding of strategic sales and negotiation skills.

Here is a simply written and easy to understand book on the basics of sales and negotiation that can be read within a few hours, plus give you that much needed insight to close off the next deal

Positive Thinking 250 Motivational Quotes

Enjoy a unique collection of 250 original quotes, reflections and thoughts to help you find direction and be more positive in life. As a keynote speaker, Wolfgang Riebe has inspired millions of people throughout the world and shared positive messages in his many publications and on social media.

This book is unique in that all motivational quotes, are accompanied by a photo, full description, plus numerous links to Wolfgang’s 1 Minute Quick Tip videos where he delves deeper into their meaning.

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“Very Very lucid and loaded with good tips.The instructor's way of presentation is so fresh, you never get bored! Thanks Mr.Riebe! Looking forward to more such courses from you!” 

- Nilanjan Gupta -

“Well now… What can I say? The man is honest, clear, concise and straight to the point AND he hit the nail on the head. No beating around the bush here. His examples are very realistic, the quotes are practical and should be used everyday. I forwarded the link to my teenage daughters.” 

- Micki Pope -

"I really enjoyed Wolfgang Riebe's course. He has great insights, and is very honest about himself and passionate about what he shares, and down-to-earth as well as funny at times. He really cares, and it makes viewers able to relate to him. I recommend the course to anybody who wants to get a better outlook on life and see things a little more positively."

- Carmen Hoffmann -

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