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Vusi Thembekwayo

Vusi Thembekwayo







Who Is Vusi Thembekwayo

Vusi is an acclaimed business mogul, venture capitalist, and global speaker who has successfully built and transformed businesses across Africa. Vusi is many things, from a maverick, a leadership genius, a self-made millionaire to a dragon. At 25, Vusi ran a R400 million division at a renowned multinational and went on to be one of the youngest Directors of a JSE listed company. He is the former CEO of advisory firm Motiv8 Advisory. In early 2017, he sold a majority stake of his management advisory and growth consultancy business Motiv8 Advisory to United States based Watermark Advisory LLP.


Vusi is a consummate speaking professional on and off stage. He doesn’t just talk business, he lives it. He does more than simply inspire revolution, he initiates it. Vusi has been the catalyst for change in businesses across the globe through expertise in strategy, leadership and sales, and 21 global cities have experienced his talks.

Shifting an organisation into a new way of working, thinking and being amongst the most complex management tasks in the world today. More complex than the task of managing large scale disruption and change is finding a trusted advisor to aid your efforts. Where do you find a trusted advisor that has walked the path of change and disruption? An advisor that has seen organisations get it right and woefully, while others get it wrong from inside the boardroom.  

Acknowledged as one of the most influential venture capitalists on the African continent, Vusi serves on the board of SAVCA (the South African Venture Capitalist Association) and is a Managing Partner of Watermark Capital Partners (a pan-African private equity firm with assets across the sub-continent). As part of his entrepreneurship foundation, Vusi is the Chairman of MyGrowthFund, a community-centric venture capital firm and business accelerator. 

Currently, he is the CEO of a boutique investment & advisory firm in Africa. Leading by example, his firm forces medium, large and listed businesses into much needed, often painful, always lucrative new directions. Having graced the covers of Entrepreneur Magazine, with features on Forbes and Inc500, his social media engagement often mirrors that of a Rockstar.

Vusi’s business pedigree is unrivaled and reflected in his client testimonials, board appointments and invitations to serve across the globe.

Vusi's Masterclass is about how to run a successful, scalable business. Vusi will be taking you through key points one should consider when they wish to run a successful business. 

Vusi is amongst the most accomplished authors having sold over 50,000 copies of his various books. His debut book, The Magna Carta of Exponentiality sold 6,000 copies in a single day on debut in Barcelona, Spain and is counted as amongst the rare literary collectables by an African author. A project that took 8 years to complete, the book has a demand order over 2,000 with inquiries streaming in from cities like New York, London, Paris and Oslo.

His follow up book, a poetic and linguistic masterpiece, the self-titled “Vusi Lessons from the Black Dragon” is a quadruple best-seller and is amongst the fastest books to reach Best-seller in South Africa by a South African author. Unapologetically authentic, provocative and deterministic, Vusi’s books are a must-have addition on the book shelves of the novice and the seasoned alike.

Keynote Topics:

  • Leading At The Edge Of Chaos 

  • Barbarians At The Gate

  • Unmanagement

  • The Magna Carta Of Exponentiality 

  • Who Killed The Customer?

  • Back To The Future

  • Trend To Zero

  • The Goliath Effect

  • The Sprint

  • Day After Tomorrow

  • The Future Of Finance 

  • Black Sheep


2021 - Current

2021 - Current

2020 - Current

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2017 - Current

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2015 - Current


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2007 - 2010

2002 - Current

Non-Executive Chairman of the Board at The Silicon Cape Initiative

Investor & Board Member at Squared Financial Services

Executive Board Director at The Innovation Village

Alternate Chairman: Investment Committee at Impact Investment Fund Managers

Setting a new personal best 

General Partner at Watermark Afrika Fund Managers 

Executive Board Member at Southern African Venture Capital & Private Equity Association (SAVCA)

Testing the boundaries of a global brand 

Executive Board Member at IC Knowledge Bureau

Top12 International Speaker 

Chief Executive Officer at MyGrowthFund Venture Partners

Founded MGF Venture Partners 

Dragon on Dragon’s Den Africa

Admitted to NSA New York

Non-Executive Director and Shareholder at RBA Holdings Ltd

Invited to speak at the World Bank

Director: New Markets & Structured Income at Metcash

Global Keynote Speaker


The Magna Carta Of Exponentiality
Vusi_ Business & life lessons from a black dragon

The Magna Carta Of Exponentiality

Management and leadership are facing serious headwinds. These headwinds are driven by the sea of change that is facing organisations today. This change, driven predominantly but not exclusively, by the rapid rate of technological advancement has resulted in major shifts in how organisations configure themselves.

The world has also become increasingly polarised. Whilst the nouveau-rich and the upper-middle classes of Tasha’s meetings continue blissfully to enjoy their lot, just fifteen minutes away, two of the fastest growing townships, Alexandra and Diepsloot have weekly service delivery protests, alarming crime rates and unsustainable social infrastructure backlogs. The social problems of South Africa are manifesting at an exponential rate, yet leaders continue to think, plan, manage, coordinate and deliver at a linear rate. These leaders, and many others like them, don’t have the skills or framework to work differently.

For business leaders in pursuit of generating results better than their competitors and their market average, working through the quagmire of strategy, culture, context, leadership and many other latter-day management concepts seems to be their default. All this in the hope that they can discover the scripture that teaches them how they can generate better returns than their competition. How they can generate exponential results in linear markets.

In the book, we look at teams, leaders and organisations that have managed to deliver phenomenal market-beating results in the face of extreme uncertainty, severe resource constraints and socio-political instability. We study the foresight of managers who turned entrepreneurs who seized opportunities and built businesses to rival their old employers, seasoned managers who looked through the fog of marketplace war to see opportunity. We answer the questions: how did they do it, what did they do and what can you learn from their ingenuity, luck and guts.

Vusi - Business & Life Lessons From a Black Dragon

‘I have learned the truth about the world: that it isn’t as round as a tennis ball, and it isn’t shaped like itself. It is shaped the way we shape it, according to the way we see it, the way we mould it to our ambitions and our destiny.


I know the colour of who I am. I am a black man, running for my life, for my freedom, for opportunity born from struggle, possibility born from sacrifice. And I am running too, for my father, who never became what he hoped to be, and who never got to see what his children would one day become.’ Maverick. Leadership genius. Self-made millionaire. Dragon.


The rock star of public speaking. Vusi Thembekwayo has been called many things. Join him in his inspiring journey from the township to the top echelons of South African business, to becoming one of youngest directors of a listed company and CEO of a boutique investment firm. As a 'Dragons' Den' judge and a sought-after public speaker across the globe, Vusi doesn't just talk business – he lives it. Now you can learn the secret of his success and how to shape your own destiny.

Media Room

Achievements and Accolades

2014 Member Issued by National Speakers Association, New York

2013 Invited Speaker Issued by World Bank

2013 Youngest Director of Listed Company in SA (JSE listed)

2011 Entrepreneur of the Year Issued by Black Business Quarterly

2009 Cum Laude Award Issued by Wits Business School

2002 Public Speaking World Championship Finalist Issued by English Speaking Union


"Vusi is a credible businessman whose advise & tools are based on real-life experience."

- Karl Westvig, CEO Retail Capital -

"Thank you Vusi for an amazing session with leadership. COVID has been a major shift for all of us but your inspirational thoughts & practical tools will help us in these times of change."

- Chris J. Paucek, CEO, 2U -

"Our business grew 152% in revenues after going through Vusi’s program. It’s powerful. Practical. Doable. And implementable, even for a non-academic construction business owner like me."

- Neil Gryphon, Director, U-Trade Construction -
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