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Dr. Habib Noorbhai

Prof. Habib Noorbhai









Who Is Prof. Habib Noorbhai

Prof. Habib Noorbhai is an Associate Professor at the University of Johannesburg, and also contributes his time as a sports scientist, speaker and humanitarian.


In 2013, he was among South Africa’s 100 brightest young minds and in 2015, he was nominated among Mail and Guardians top 200 young South Africans. He was also included in Fast Company South Africa’s Top 30 creative people in business for 2017. He was later inducted as a UCT Golden Key Honorary Member for 2018.


Research and Writing

Prof Noorbhai has been working in academia for the last 8 years and has taught, published, supervised, and convened in various areas of sports science, public health and wellness. His research focus areas are mainly in cricket science, health promotion and healthcare innovation. Prof Noorbhai is an Associate Editor of the BMJ Sport and Exercise Medicine, and serves as a reviewer for both local and international sports journals. Prof Noorbhai has published more than 30 papers in numerous academic journals (and also writes OP-ED pieces for the media) and has presented at local and international conferences since 2012.



Prof Noorbhai has consulted and collaborated with an array of individuals and organisations applying his expertise through a scientific and research lens.


Sports Science

Prof Noorbhai has been fortunate to have worked with a number of local and international sports teams between 2010 and 2020, more notably, with cricket teams.



Since 2015, Prof Noorbhai offers a range of talks and workshops to corporates and organisations within the health and wellness, leadership, motivation and productivity areas. He has also served as MC and conducted speaking sessions for a wide range of organisations, including but not limited to: TEDx, Standard Bank, Woolworths, Smollan, PSG, CANSA, SA Sport and Recreation, and more.



Prof Noorbhai has appeared on a number of television and radio shows offering his advice and expertise on sports science and health related matters. He had his own sport and health show in 2015 on OpenViewHD, showcased various topics.



Habib also founded an NPO in 2013 called The Humanitarians, a volunteer-based organisation, whereby various community projects and programmes are conducted through sport, health, education, sustainability and innovation. He is often involved in a number of outreach projects as being in the community fulfills him with happiness.


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2013 - 2014

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Director: BEAHT Research Centre at University of Johannesburg

The Biomedical Engineering and Healthcare Technology (BEAHT) Research Centre is a virtual research centre housed in both the Faculties of Health Sciences and Engineering and The Built Environment. The Biomedical Engineering and Healthcare Technology (BEAHT) Research Centre is a virtual research centre housed in both the Faculties of Health Sciences and Engineering and The Built Environment.

Associate Professor at University of Johannesburg

Faculty of Health Sciences

Senior Lecturer at University of Johannesburg

Faculty of Health Sciences

Lecturer and Academic Consultant at University of Cape Town

Academic Consultant | Centre for Higher Educational Development (2018)
Lecturer and Researcher | School of Public Health and Family Medicine (2019)

Founder of The Humanitarians

Established in 2012, originally named as the Biokinetic Humanitarian Project (BHP), our aim was focused solely on increasing awareness on physical activity, health education and the emphasizing the importance of Biokinetics by providing complementary services to disadvantaged communities. Towards the end of 2014, we realised that the needs of South Africans are widespread. The Humanitarians was therefore born aiming to provide a holistic approach to create a sustainable and innovative South African society targeting all individuals, young and old, skilled and unskilled.

Mr South Africa 2017

Lecturer and Researcher at  Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Biokinetics and Fitness Expert at Health24

Academic Consultant at University of Cape Town

Registered Biokineticist and Researcher at University of Cape Town

Lecturer and Biokineticist at Exercise Teachers Academy

Head of Academics at FIT Principles International Academy

Biokineticist at Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA)

Logistics Master - Yorkshire CCC (CLT20) for BCCI/ Airtel Champions League Twenty20

Strength and Conditioning Coach at Western Province Cricket U/17

Head Cricket Coach at HN Cricket Academy HN Cricket Academy

Self-employed at own Cricket Coaching Academy

Wellness Consultant at NHA Wellness Pty (Ltd)

Personal Trainer at Planet Fitness Planet Fitness

Logistics Master - South Australian Redbacks Cricket at BCCI/ Airtel Champions League Twenty20




SYNOPSIS – Heart From birth to death, we are all provided with the same platform to evoke a sustainable and innovative difference in the lives of others, but each and every one of us has a different path or journey. There are a number of factors that contribute towards a person’s uniqueness and individuality: the environment, your upbringing and the root. We all have a root within us. The stronger it is, the stronger it will grow. We can grow in maturity, success, value, personal development or within a community. My root is different.


The book will be structured in three parts: Part 1: The Inferior Vena Cava. This details the root to my life, mostly written in a philosophical manner; Part 2: The Superior Vena Cava. This could be described as the meat of my life and career, mostly written in a self-reflective manner; Part 3: The Aorta (closing and way forward). This is written in both a philosophical and self-reflective manner. The prologue chapter provides an outline and summary of what is covered in the book.


This masterpiece aims to share and inspire people through my life journey prior to, and after Mr South Africa. It showcases the important lessons that I have learnt, together with the fundamental experiences gained as well as the challenges and hard yards that I have faced. At the age of 29, this is not an autobiography. Rather, it is a foundation of what more is to come. Therefore, my foundation is called Heart. When crowned as Mr South Africa, I was also crowned as Mr Heart, because of all the charity projects and initiatives conducted as a contestant. During my reign as Mr South Africa 2017, I embarked on a campaign called 365 days of Heart, where I conducted various types of charity work, outreach or social media posts to inspire and provide aspiration to the youth and society.


The book includes #365heart themes as footers on each page. I aim to provide quality reading material that readers can assimilate to and understand. Readers can also use the book as a diary to conduct acts of heart or random acts of kindness while reading updated stories of my life (1988 - 2017). At the back of the book, there will be a glossary of 365 days of heart themes with checkboxes, where readers can then tick off which theme they have completed. We can never be certain of what the future holds but I am certain that my root and the first two branches of life has provided me with a solid foundation to do more for society. After being crowned as Mr South Africa, I remain humbled and grounded; I can never forget where I came from, the hard yards walked and where I am now.


I look to the future now with a better vision and a mission that I hope will make a difference in the lives of others. If I can contribute towards five percent of difference-making, then for me, that would be a significant contribution, and I continue aiming to give from the heart. I am just an ordinary guy attempting to do extraordinary things – with a foundation of heart.

Media Room

Achievements and Accolades

2013 He was among South Africa’s 100 brightest young minds 

2015 Nominated among Mail and Guardians top 200 young South Africans 

2017 Included in Fast Company South Africa’s Top 30 creative people in business for 

2017 Won the coveted title of Mr South Africa 

2018 Inducted as a Golden Key International Honorary Member for 


“Habib has unique abilities that I have not previously experienced in any of the PhD students I have assisted. I have not ever experienced this combination of personal abilities and drives in any other student.”

- Prof Tim Noakes Emiretus Professor at University of Cape Town -

“Habib's style, elegance, charm and sophistication adds to the man of honour we know and respect. You can't go wrong to consider Dr. Habib Noorbhai for your upcoming functions, events or business requirements.”

- Zelda Kraftt - HR Manager (Senior Management level) Telecommunications, FMCG & Retail -

“I was immediately struck by his passion for making a difference. This I got to experience first-hand when I asked whether he would be interested in facilitating a workshop on my behalf.”

- Dr Sorayah Nair - Founder & Director: Business Health Solutions (BHS) Pty Ltd -

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