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Pierre du Plessis

Pierre du Plessis







Who Is Pierre du Plessis

​Acclaimed Author and Speaker Pierre du Plessis joins us in the loft for a ‘how-to session’ on ways to tackle and face our problems head-on. Educated in ancient practices and texts, and uses his wisdom on the topics to help solve modern-day business problems. Pierre is very concerned about human development and is passionate about helping people become better versions of themselves. Pierre is an award-winning author that received the Desmond Tutu, Gerrit Brand prize for literature.


Pierre believes businesses do work that matters and people build meaningful lives. He is the founder of Palaestra, a community of practice. He is an educator at DUKE CE University and has spoken at BMW, KFC, Adcock Ingram, FNB, Nedbank, and has been featured on TEDx stages numerous times. He has worked in fashion, advertising, trend analyses and branding. Pierre leads a contemplative community of faith in the heart of Cape Town, is a published author and has received the Desmond Tutu Gerrit Brand literature prize.

He is the Head of Content at Coachbit an online life coaching experience for kids and teens.

Keynotes Topics:

  • Chaos is a Gift

  • Ora Et Labora

  • Push Back Forward

  • Leadership

  • Monsters, Heroes, and Kings

  • Digital Detox

  • In Praise of Shadows

  • Prostitutes, the Andes, and Japanese Sword Makers

  • The Art of Discernment 

  • Walking, Handwritten Notes, and Artisans

  • Purpose

  • Strategy

  • Women


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Head of Content at Coachbit

Founder of Palaestra

Author and Speaker

Campus Director at InVia Contemplative Community

CEO aka Chief Writing Officer at HumanWrites

Guest Lecturer at LISOF

Founder of 3rd place church

Speaker and Trend Analyst at Flux Trends

Brand Curator at SABS Design Institute

Conceptual Stylist at Red Hot Ops

Cultural Architect at Kruik Gemeente

Fashion Designer at Pierre du Plessis (PTY) Ltd

Menswear Designer at Soviet Jeans




To train naked is to show up just as you are, without pretense, masks or bs. It is to live and work intentionally, to design and train for the life and career you desire.

The ancient Greeks trained in the nude and competed naked in the Olympics, they literally had skin in the game. The word for gymnasium in Greek, gumnasia, literally means to train naked. These gyms were not only for physical training, they also had dedicated spaces for intellectual exercise, philosophy, teaching and conversation.

We train to compete and succeed. We practice over and over in order to nail a presentation. We must then also be training just as hard to become better human beings, to live meaningful lives, to do work that matters, and to thrive in chaos.

This keynote and book are calls to train naked, to have skin in the game and start training for the ultimate marathon, life. It speaks of identity, purpose, ethics and along with a selection of life changing practices, they aim to inspire each one to take charge, get skin the game and train.

Media Room

Achievements and Accolades

2018 Desmond Tutu Gerrit Brand Prize Issued by Andrew Murray Prize

2018 Nomination Best Costume Design Issued by Naledi

2018 Press Cover of the Year Grandfront Issued by Izba Wydawców Prasy

2017 Finalist in PPC Imaginarium Sculpture Award Issued by PPC Imaginarium

2017 Semi-finalist SA Taxi Art Award Issued by SA Taxi Association


"A completely new angle on leadership, with practical applications we can immediately implement in our teams."
- Sarel Van Zyl CEO FNB Namibia -

"I do stuff differently, both with my team at KFC and in my personal life, because of Pierre du Plessis."

- Dewald Du Plooy KFC Marketing Director -

"In a time where speakers all seem to sound exactly the same. Pierre du Plessis manages to sound completely different. He's the Ernest Hemingway to their Dan Brown, the Pink Floyd to their Nickelback."

- Richard MulHolland Founder of TalkDrawer -

“Pierre captivated the group with an insightful look at spirituality and work. He took a difficult topic and delivered in a way that reached and inspired each person in different way. Members of my team, from all walks of life, took something away from this presentation and we all enjoyed Pierre’s genuine talent for presentation and storytelling.”

- Adrian Goslett CEO RE/MAX Southern Africa -

"A thought provoking collection of ideas and musings that if taken to heart, have the potential to add immense depth and richness (with compounding interest) to your life."
- Shane Dryden Co-Founder of Yuppiechef -

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