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Douglas Kruger

Douglas Kruger





Who Is Douglas Kruger

When you insist on 'owning' your industry, there is no alternative: International speaker and business author Douglas Kruger CSP helps you to build your brand, to out-pace your competitors through innovation, and to position yourself as an industry leader.

Douglas is the author of several business books, including the highly acclaimed 'Own Your Industry - How to Position Yourself as an Expert,' with Penguin Random House. A multiple award-winning speaker, his clients include senior management at companies like MultiChoice, BMW, Liberty and HP. In 2015, Liberty and MultiChoice booked him for their multi-city roadshows. Douglas’s results were so exceptional that in 2016, both organisations insisted on using him again.

In 2016, in honour of excellence in his craft, Douglas was inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame by his chapter of the Professional Speakers Association. In 2018, he was granted the acclaimed ‘Certified Speaking Professional’ designation by the National Speakers Association in America, the highest earned award granted by this international body, and held by only 12 per cent of speakers globally.

What does he do differently? Douglas dismantles the self-imposed rules that can hamstring aspiring companies and shows you how to develop talent. He guides you away from the cultural norms that can kill innovation, and he is a committed crusader against victimhood-mentality.

Douglas’s thought-leadership ideas have been featured repeatedly on CNBC Africa and he has been published in Forbes and Entrepreneur magazines. When you need industry-leading ideas, backed by research and packaged with humour and charm, call on leading professional speaker Douglas Kruger CSP. His aim is to bring life to your event and prosperity to your brand.

Douglas is a master at asking all the right, difficult questions, and revealing new ways of looking at your scenario, all with playful humour and charm. Perfect for the leadership team that knows it needs to do something different if it hopes to gain and retain the top spot in the market. Innovation is an imperative. 

Keynote Topics:

They're Your Rules, Break Them!

Own Your Industry
High-IQ Leadership

Lead From The Front


Relentlessly Relevant

Is your Thinking Keeping you Poor


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Grow you Business

Grow Your Business 

Own Your Industry (Hardcover / Audio)

Are you the Schwarzenegger of bodybuilding, the Branson of business, or the Clarkson of cars? Would you like to be? Own Your Industry is a guide to what you can do to position yourself as the "go-to name" in your industry. Because when you are known as the expert, the icon, the thought leader - the business will come to you.

Relentlessly Relevant (Hardcover / Audio)

Brace yourself, the rules of consumer engagement have changed. Your customers no longer care about legacy, what matters to them is how you are innovating into their world today. The classic ‘solve a problem’ approach that industry giants have always employed is no longer relevant. Consumers want switched-on, creative responses to their needs and desires.

Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor? (Hardcover / Audio)

Being rich is not normal: most people never achieve wealth in their lifetime. The very word ‘rich’ describes a state beyond the median, and therein lies an important lesson. To become rich, you will have to think radically differently from the way most people around you think. Do you know what those specific differences may be?

How to Make Your Point Without PowerPoint (Hardcover / Audio)

The art of presenting needs a serious shakeup. Presenters are constantly on the lookout for fresh ideas to get their message across, but mistakenly believe PowerPoint is the right medium to do so. In How to Make Your Point Without PowerPoint, renowned public speaker Douglas Kruger aims to end the tedium of the PowerPoint medium.

They're Your Rules, Break Them! (Hardcover / Audio)

They’re Your Rules, Break Them! offers 50 innovative ways of looking at your business as a long-term, dynamic, progressive entity. Here you will find 50 ways to ditch the atrophying forces and create an exponentially achieving, high-performance culture in your organisation. Disruption is everywhere.

What Makes Them Great? (Hardcover / Audio)

Easy-to-follow suggestions spell out exactly what it would take for you to become so formidable within your own industry that your competitors struggle to keep up. Because, when you are the industry leader, the undisputed expert, the entire dynamic changes: the media and the deals come to you; your level of earning is exponentially higher; you enjoy privileged access and extraordinary leeway; you arrive to find the door already open. 

Poverty Proof 50 Ways to Train Your Brain for Wealth (Hardcover / Audio)

Why is it that some people work hard, yet remain poor? How is it that others seem to rise out of poverty and become affluent in a short span of time? If you want to know how to become rich relatively quickly, and avoid spending years working back-breakingly hard without ever breaking even.

Virus-Proof Your Small Business (Hardcover / Audio)

The past two decades were among the most prosperous in history, with over a billion people lifted out of extreme poverty. Then 2020 hit, and, along with it, the coronavirus pandemic. The effect on economies will be extreme. What can small businesses do to survive the Covid-19 crisis? Business coach and author Douglas Kruger provides actionable answers, with a list of 50 practical ways your business can survive - and even thrive - during this time of uncertainty.

Poverty Proof for Entrepreneurs (Hardcover / Audio)

We face two important questions. The first pertains to who gets rich and what it is that they do. We need to understand that. The second is a matter of who stays poor and why they remain so. We need to understand that as well, in order to avoid it. We are going to discuss these questions, and the answers will change the way you think, live and structure your business. Entrepreneurship is a high-stakes game. Get it right, and you become a self-made millionaire.

How to Grow Rich: 50 Ways to Debunk Money Myths and Master Wealth (Audio)

Over a billion people globally were lifted from extreme poverty between 2010 and 2020. This is an all-time record, both in outright numbers and per capita growth, constituting nothing short of an economic miracle. Yet the narrative about worsening hardships for the poor prevails, contrary to all evidence. Why? Few topics are more contentious than money. Yet when weighed against empirical data, most of us would be amazed to discover how embarrassingly wrong our assumptions are, and how badly they have impaired our capacity for growth

Accolades and Achievements

“I thought Doug was a fantastic speaker. He held the audience riveted. Not only was his presentation highly entertaining, but the business message was sound. I would highly recommend him to any business interested in teaching their staff to use initiative.” 

- Ashleigh Tuffney, Discovery Insurance -

“She was great. Kept the audience completely on their toes and was on point through her entire presentation. We received amazing feedback from our exec team – so really great talk.” 

- Norcros Executive -

“Thanks for presenting so brilliantly today. I got such positive feedback… They really enjoyed your delivery of the content and the knowledge at your fingertips. We were really energized as some of the things you touched on had been considered in our strat plans.” 

- Mr Price Marketing Services Leader -

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